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So instead of my more traditional give-aways, I am going to have a drawing contest!

The character you will be drawing is the cute orange twin tailed girl shown above. She is one of Good Smile Company’s mascots. Watch this video to see her!


  • First place will be a Lynn Minmay petite.
  • Second place will be a paper artwork piece of any character (fanart or original).
  • Third place will be a drawing of any character (fanart or original).

I will be doing all the artwork for 2nd and 3rd place the winners. If you want to see my style feel free to browse my art. Meep1 on Deviantart.

Please reblog this post with your entry. I need 25 entries or else I am cancelling the contest. Deadline for entries is August 15th. Good luck everyone!!!

Have u announced who won???

Unfortunately I have not yet announced the winner. I am currently trying to reconfigure my entire internet setup which is taking much longer than I anticipated and is causing me some problems. I will try to post a winner as soon as possible, I apologize to those of you waiting for the results. 


It may take me a few days to actually figure out the winner, but once I do the package is ready to be shipped out immediately! 

Note: I have marked the last person that gets credit for re-blogging the post, any additional re-blogs WILL NOT COUNT. I do go through and check to see that everyone who re-blogged the post is actually following me before deciding the winner. 

{As a side note, I am sorry I have not been able to update recently, I just moved home from college and my internet is absolute garbage. I will post the most recent GSC and co figurines ASAP. }

P.S. There’s another give away coming up soon~

Dokodemo Rensouhou-chan Damaged Version from the game Kantai Collection -KanColle-. Available on the Good Smile Online shop till May 28th! 

Dokodemo Rensouhou-chan from the game Kantai Collection -KanColle-.Available on the Good Smile Online shop till May 28th! 

The Dokodemo Rensouhou-chan Diary.